Quilt Prep & Pricing

  • Press your quilt top and backing. When in doubt, press seams toward the darker fabric.
  • Clip all threads on back of quilt, especially the darker thread which could show through on the front of your quilt if you have a white or light background.
  • The backing and batting needs to be a minimum of 4″ larger, on all sides, than your quilt but not more than 10″ on the width.
  • Stay stitch 1/8″ to 1/4″ around your quilt if the borders are pieced.
  • I have a large selection of quality Hobbs brand batting for sale. You can choose to purchase it from me (see Batting menu) or send you own batting.
  • Please include your phone number and email address on the form, print it and mail it with your quilt. (Only the first page, the second is for your reference.)

My phone number is: 208-860-9951, please feel free to call me if you have any questions my site hasn’t answered or you would like to discuss your specific quilt.

Upon receiving your quilt, I will call you within 24 hours to discuss pattern, quilting designs, thread color and batting options. It’s important to include your contact information on your order!


1.5 – 3 cents, Edge to Edge Design
One edge to edge quilting design over entire quilt. The price is determined by the density of the design.

2.5 – 3.5 cents, Edge to Edge Design With Border
One edge to edge design in the center of the quilt with one border.

3.5 – 4 cents, Edge to Edge Design with Multiple Borders
One edge to edge design in the center of the quilt with multiple borders.

3.5 – 8 cents, Custom Quilting
Specific placement of designs in borders, blocks, triangles, or sashing.

1 cent, Basting
Horizontal basting entire quilt about every 4″ to 8″


Piecing a backing…………$10
Repairs and piecing……….$25 per hour
Center quilt on backing…..$10
Rush fee……………………$50


$25 Under 2000 square inches
$35 2001 – 4000 square inches
$45 4001 – 6000 square inches
$55 6001 – 8000 square inches
$65 8001 – 10,000 square inches
$75 above 10,001 square inches